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 Join the Jack’s Butterflies village and help make a difference

Jack’s Butterflies is a public company limited by guarantee. We are registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and have tax deductible donation endorsement with the Australian Tax Office.

As a member of the company, you are only liable for the guarantee stated in the constitution. The amount of the guarantee is fixed at no more than $10 per member. It is an amount that would be due only in the event of winding up of the Company, if and when demanded by the liquidator.

As a General Member of Jack’s Butterflies, you are showing your support and that you believe in our vision and what we are trying to create for all the families who are affected by a Rare Disease.

Receive regular updates about what is going on behind the scenes at JB’s. We are currently in the middle of developing a members only portal where we will have notice boards, video blogs from our Managing Director, invitations to member only events and any vacancies within our volunteer sector.

Updates from our sub-committees and executive team including details on any events/tasks they may need a little assistance with.
Receive an invitation to attend our Annual General Meeting and cast your vote for who you would like to be on the board of Directors to continue moving Jack’s Butterflies in the direction you want. Being a General Member is a requirement to becoming a Director of the company, should that be something you aspire to become.

Know that you are showing your support for an amazing organisation and believe in it’s Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives.
Be able to volunteer for any micro tasks or events that come up from time to time.