Jack's Fun Factory

Jack’s Fun Factory is our new hire program that consists of a huge range of LEGO sets, sporting equipment and outdoor games that encourages family play and creating memories. With the added benefit of helping gross motor skills, active play, fine motor skills, increasing concentration, problem solving and anything else to help your little one working on their capacity building skills.

The best thing about this program… it’s for everyone!


Great for Family Time
Reduce screen time and create wonderful moments together. Want to help your little ones increase their concentration? start off with the small lego sets and build up over time. Heading on a holiday? Spending a day at the beach? Add some variety into your precious family time.

​Great for Birthday Parties
For parties at the park, your home or a hall.

​Great for Adults
Lego is a great stress release after a long day at work. Why should kids have all the fun!!

​Great for NDIS Participants
Make your funding go further and change the items over every month to help participants work on building their skills without getting bored on the same item all year round.