Our Mission & Vision

Jack’s Butterflies’ mission is to foster an inclusive community allowing children with rare diseases (and their families) to have enriched, fully supported lives.

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It takes a whole village of people with different skills and attributes to create a new community and that is exactly what Jack’s Butterflies is doing.

The Aurelian Project

A rare disease can be defined as one that affects less than five in 10,000 people. In Australia, around 8% of the population, which translates to roughly 2,000,000 people, live with a rare disease. Rare diseases are debilitating and can cause serious negative implications for those afflicted by them, including death. Since 80% of rare diseases are genetic, studies have shown that one-half of all rare diseases affect children. The great complexity and unmet need in rare diseases can be overwhelming for the entire sector: for policymakers, clinicians, practitioners, researchers, academics, industry and especially for people who live with rare diseases.

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Rare Kids of Australia

Sky High Health & Support Services

Jack’s Fun Factory